Reward on every kg of weight loss, How to lose weight fast and Safe way to lose weight

How to lose weight fast

How Much Fat is Required for Storing Energy of Weight Loss

A certain amount of fat is required for storing energy, head insulation, shock absorption and several other functions but when it increases in proportion How Much Fat is Required for Storing Energy of Weight Loss then is called overweight and in chronic condition, it is obesity. It is best measured by body mass index (BMI) which equals to KG the person’s height in meters. The normal limits vary with age and region.For an adult, normal limits of BMI is from 20 to 25 and an adult between 25 to 30 is considered as overweight and above 30 as obese. It is very important that people focus on discipline and once they have done that then things will be much better, you should keep a check on what you eat and that should be done regularly.

Harmful Health of Weight Loss

Obesity is harmful to health and increases the risk of Insulin resistance (IR), diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, Heart diseases like CVA Harmful Health of Weight Loss (Cerebrovascular Accident or stroke), Heart attack, congestive heart failure, colon, gallbladder, uterus, breast cancers, Gallstones, Goat, Osteoarthritis, sleep apnea etc.

In the United States, roughly 112,000 deaths per year are directly related to obesity, and one in three Americans is obese. This has to be kept in check and once that is done then things will be very easy for the person.

Plan for Weight Loss

Weight loss is not as simple as taking pills, going through surgery, dieting or starving, or doing some exercises now and then rather it is a combination of personalized diet plan by dietician, workout plan for physical fitness, modifications in eating, working and sleeping habits, state of mind etc., and needs commitment, patience to keep on adhering to proposed plans.Weight Loss Seeds

Weight Loss Seeds

Eating Researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have shown that even if everyone ate the same meals, the effect would differ from one person to another because of metabolism. New research reveals that tiny seeds like pumpkin, hemp, flax seeds, chia seeds and sesame seeds if added in the diet with salads are not only nutritious but at the same time they keep us satisfied for a long time and aid in weight loss.

Reward for Weight Loss

Russian have come up with a new solution in mining region to reward weight loss with coal as reported by BBC on 20th Nov, 2015. This idea has been borrowed by UAE in 2013, where people got rewarded in gold for getting slimmer and the theme was “You Weight in Gold” where a gram of gold for every loss of weight diseaseReward for Weight Loss in kg! The campaign is to be launched soon in Siberia’s coal-rich Kemerovo region through FM radio channel and how much coal for a kg is yet to be decided! As per reports, there are thousands of people worldwide coming in major problem due to obesity and it is causing diseases and hence you can try and avoid all this. There are lots of people who want to get rid of this and hence can be done in the right way.

If nobody comes to reward you then you can reward yourself.

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