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Do you have some of the questions about aging as listed below?

1.How to stop aging process?

2.How to stop aging process naturally?

3.How to keep skin from aging?

4.How to keep your skin from aging?

5.What are the best foods for younger looking skin?

6.What to do for younger looking skin?

7.What are the best supplements for younger looking skin?

8.What is the process of aging?

Stop Aging process naturally by finding ways of Growing Younger

To Stop Aging process naturally follow some tips in order to stop aging, the great John Lewis group which were there When tried to buy a bed no correct answer was given and everything was at mercy of the computer. I was exhausted after an hour said the reporter. I thought that people like me with old age are not made for this computer generation. No correct information was given and I wish that I would stop aging process and start finding ways of growing younger.The Processing of Aging Science

The Processing of Aging Science

Prevent skin aging by following proper home remedies.It has always been a dream of human and is evident in many civilizations like Cleopatra in Egypt and Nur Jehan in India, who had invented their own formula to live longer, young and beautiful. Modern Sciences are also after this but unfortunately, we can slow down the process of aging a little bit but can’t escape aging ending with death. The process of aging is still not completely understood by medical and biological sciences, as this is a combination of many factors like changes in body hormones and enzymes, the life cycle of different organs, weakness and breakdown in DNA structure, damages, etc.Prevent sking aging and reverse Ageing skin by Store Up Calcium in Your 20s. …
Shield Your Face from Sun While Driving and Eat Spinach and Mangoes to Reverse Sun Damage

Physical And Biological Changes of Anti – Aging

Anti-Aging supplements will help to cure the process of aging.Aging (British) or Aging (American) is a multi-dimensional process which is triggered in almost all living being with passage of time as age enters Physical And Biological Changes of Anti-Aginginto different phases and a person becomes older and older with physical and biological changes like wrinkles on skin, baldness, whiting of hears, malfunctioning of organs and physiological and social changes like weakness of nerves, memory and old age diseases including photo-aging (starts by 30), decline in fertility in female (around 35), presbyopia (mid 40s), Caucasoid (Hair turning grey around 50), osteoarthritis (in 60s), hearing loss (in 70s), thirst perception deceases, Frailty (loss of muscle mass and mobility) over 85 .

Anti – Aging Reports

Anti-Aging is today a billion dollar industry and encompasses cosmetic, pharmaceutical, medical and food industries as per recent reports:

  • Cosmetics offers skin creams, masks using cucumber, rose, lemon and other vegetable/fruit juices with or without glycerin. Peptide range also a multifunctional, anti-aging complex which is effective in eliminating wrinkles around eyes.Anti-Aging Reports
  • Pharmacy offer medicines like caloric restriction mimetic drugs including rapamycin, metformin etc., usage of telomerase enzyme to counter the process of telomere shortening.
  • Nanotechnology is also working on it to repair several processes responsible for aging.
  • Microbiology & Medicine is working on cloning and replacement of body parts(Cyborgs, Cryonics (storing of body parts after death),
  • Biochemical and genetic techniques (SENS), genetic modification by Gene therapy, Fooling genes by thinking in body of young, reversal of informational entropy (increasing input of actionable and meaningful information),
  • Mind uploading (future strategy to replace neurons with transistors by scanning a particular brain in detail and replacing with a software model through computer) .

Anti – Aging (Prevention and Reversal):

Prevent Anti-Aging by several drugs and food supplements are believed to retard or reverse the aging processes but this is least evident in human than the animal models. Recently an experimental Alzheimer’s drug (J147) at Salk Institute also seems to reverse anti-aging. This drug has been tested on mice with a lifespan of 2-3 years. The drug targets neurotoxicity which damages nervous tissues and neurons and a major cause of Alzheimer’s.

Major Tips for Anti-Aging Diet:

  1. Eat simple and natural Food: Eat organic food, least processed and without pesticides. Home gardens and organic farms are the best solutions. Use green leafy vegetables, fruits, milk, green tea and drink plenty of clean water.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight: As several wavelengths are harmful to skin and body.foods for stop aging process
  3. Take good nap and be an early bird: Your body needs good sleep on time and waking up early in the morning, light exercise, morning walk to refresh body, mind and soul.
  4. Make your life well settled and happy: Good living conditions, free of stresses with soul meditation works miracle.
  5. Live in good climatic conditions and environment: Cold climate and clean environment is a booster to life. Low temperature and cold weather slowdowns the aging process. Always keep away from smoking, dust, and pollution. Breath fresh air full of oxygen.

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