How telomere helps us to live for more years or forever?,What is telomere shortening?, Telomere Aging, telomere lengthening supplements


How telomere helps us to live for more years or forever?,What is telomere shortening?, Telomere Aging, telomere lengthening supplements


A telomere is a region of repetitive DNA at the end of a chromosome, which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration.



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1. What is telomere?

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4. What is telomere lengthening supplements?

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6. What is telomere and aging?

7. What is telomere shortening?

Scientists experiments about telomere and aging process

According to many people, the telomere and aging process seems to be unnecessary. We heal when our dead body cells are replaced by new ones through the process of cell growth and division.aging slow Then why can’t this continue forever without the degradation of organs in our body causing death. Scientists have done some experiments on mice by controlling certain genetic processes. And also, scientists have done some experiments about the slow aging process. Results state that not only did the aging slow down but it also got reversed dramatically.

Telomeres and aging definition

Every strand of DNA has caps at their ends which provide protection to our chromosomes. These are known as telomore aging. During cell division the DNA gets divided into equal halves forming new cells.telomere Every time cell division takes place some part of genetic information gets lost. Telomeres are DNA materials which have no use but to act as a protection zone so that none of the genetic information gets lost from our chromosomes during cell division. With aging these telomere materials undergo deterioration and hence parts of DNA are not recovered. Thus cells gradually fail to divide and multiply. Telomeres are like an element which limits the number of cell divisions and we fall into a biological cycle causing growth, aging, and death.

Enzyme reproduces the telomeres

Research and experiments on mice have been done on how to reduce or stop the deterioration of these telomore aging. Telomerase is and an enzyme which reproduces the telomeres. If this happens number of cell division will occur, cells will live for a longer period of time and hence lifespan will be elongated.enzyme telomere Mice which were genetically modified were bred. These had very minimal ability to produce telomeres and thus aging took place faster. These were then injected with the telomerase enzyme to increase production of telomeres and were expected to have slow aging and longer life. The results were surprising. Not only did their aging slow down but they were aging on the reverse scale. Their damaged organs began to repair and new brain cells (neurons) began to grow.

Scientists research about cancer

This research in spite of being quite a success is not yet ready for testing on human beings due to unknown consequences. Production of telomerase continues throughout their lifetime in mice whereas in human beings it stops after reaching a certain age. When cells are allowed to divide without any restrictions it always has a tendency of developing into cancer. cancer Scientists feel that this might be very effective on the old aged ones but it also might promote cancer at a very large magnitude. Hence this research has led to no such great breakthrough relating to human treatment. If proper results are achieved then this would be a boon to humanity. An injection might make a seventy-year-old feel like a thirty-year-old.

There are debates over whether a human should think about lifespan extension. Once this is practically regulated many would like to use it to see what their next generation looks like.

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