What are the treatments for liver diseases, Liver disease treatment, liver infection, liver damage, chronic liver disease?

What are the treatments for liver diseases, Liver disease treatment, liver infection, liver damage, chronic liver disease?


Treatments for liver diseases, liver infection, liver damage, chronic liver disease



Are you having some of the questions in your mind as below?

1.What are the treatment of liver disease?

2.How liver damage treatment can be done?

3.What are the treatment for liver failure?

4.What are the treatments for liver disease?

5.How liver infection treatment can be done?

6.What are the natural liver treatment?

7.What are the herbal treatment for liver?

Liver disease treatment

The liver is one such organ in the human body which takes care of a wide range of activitiesLiver disease treatment throughout the system. Starting from digestion and other metabolic activities to maintaining blood pressure and the removal of toxins from the body, all of these are taken care of in the liver.People often forget about these benefits and develop certain habits which affect the liver and hence the total system along with it.Due to the excessive consumption of alcohol the liver function tends to cease and this leads to a rise in several problems within the body as liver takes care of several aspects of the human system. It is not true that liver diseases only occur due to alcohol consumption in excess. It is often seen that liver diseases are a result of uncontrolled eating habits which gives rise to a fatty liver. To take care of these problems people have been working on the treatment of liver diseases and have come up with quite some solutions. Liver damage treatment is very important for the whole human system to stay healthy and fit.

Types of liver diseases

In general, there are mainly two types of liver diseases which are alcoholic liver diseases and nonalcoholic liver diseases. These are considered as the major type of liver diseases, but leaving these out it is noticed that liver diseases are often a genetic factor.

  • Alcoholic liver diseases
  • Heavy drinkers consume excessive alcohol over long periods of time,Alcoholic liver disease which create problems for the liver to deal with. This is the alcoholic liver disease where the liver becomes swollen and loses its full capacity to function. If these drinking habits are not controlled then this will lead to the final stage of liver cirrhosis in which the only valid option will be a liver transplant.

  • Nonalcoholic liver diseases
  • The nonalcoholic liver disease does not occur due to alcohol Non-Alcoholic liver diseaseconsumption,but instead it occurs due to excessive consumption of foods which have high oil and fat content. This case is known as a fatty liver condition in which the fat content in the liver exceeds its normal levels which are considered to be 7 to 10% of the weight of the liver. This is not a permanent disease and it does not cause any permanent harm to the human body. Treatment for liver failure is discussed below.

Treatments for liver disease

The liver being one of the most important organs of our body should be taken special Treatments for liver diseasecare of no matter what the conditions are. There have been a lot of improvements in the field of liver infection treatment as people have introduced new methods to deal with such liver diseases. People nowadays lay more stress on the herbal treatment for liver. The natural liver treatment is much more helpful than the artificial means because instead of using too much of chemicals the things we find in nature are more pure and function to the fullest. Food habits are very important to maintain a healthy liver. Treatment for liver suffering from various problems have become an important aspect in recent times due to the increase in the number of people suffering from such diseases.

Alcoholic liver disease treatment

Alcoholic liver diseases occur due to heavy intake of alcohol over quite a long period Alcoholic liver disease treatmentlike 20 years. The liver tends to swell up and food processing becomes very tough. The liver is the organ which prepares all the nutrients and proteins from the food we take in daily. If the liver stops functioning properly it will affect the whole body and thus give rise to an unhealthy feeling. Treatment for liver damage due to such issues is mainly the reduction in the alcohol consumption. Liver cells have a capability of regenerating at high speeds. Even if about 80% of the liver is not functioning, it can still be cured by stopping the consumption of alcohol because without the intake of alcohol the liver cells start reproducing at a very fast rate and thus it returns to its normal condition. This has to be realized at an early stage because if the last stage is reached which is liver cirrhosis then the only valid option which remains is the transplant of the organ itself. One needs to take care of his or her health and in turn one must take care of their liver because this is the organ which takes care of the metabolism of the whole body.

Natural treatment for liver in fatty condition

For fatty liver condition the only cure is through a controlled balanced diet and lots of exerciseNatural treatment for liver in fatty condition on a regular basis. The fat seems to get stored in the liver, making it more difficult for the organ to process food and thus reduces its full ability to function. The major function of the liver is to break down food that enters our body into several nutrients like proteins and fats. When the liver fails to function properly the fats are not broken down to its full extent and instead of being transferred to other parts of the body to be stored for future use it is stored itself in the liver. This leads to the rise in the fat content in the liver and thus gives rise to a fatty liver. In case of alcoholic liver condition, there are several symptoms which give people a clear idea of what condition his liver is in, but in case of a fatty liver condition, there are very limited number of conditions which are visible when one is suffering from a fatty liver. Hence it is very difficult to figure out with certainty whether one is suffering from a fatty liver or not. Therefore, these limited symptoms if faced, the doctor will advise you to get a blood test done in which the results will pretty clearly demonstrate the actual condition within your body. In these cases liver inflammation treatment is done to return the liver back to its normal healthy condition.

Symptoms of alcoholic liver disease

There are naturally two phases of alcoholic liver disease – the early phase and the late phaseSymptoms of alcoholic liver disease. People come across different symptoms in these two different phases of liver disease. In the early phase a person experiences pain in the abdomen region along with a weak sickly feeling. People do not find taste in the food they eat and hence this leads to appetite loss. Diarrhoea is a very common disease which is experienced by the ones suffering from such liver diseases. People tend to get tired very often after doing some work and muscles tend to cramp. Now shifting over to the advanced stage where things become really serious. Jaundice is almost inevitable, which leads to the change in skin color. Fluids gets stored in the ankles and joints which lead to the swelling up of the joints and the abdominal region. The fever tends to grip the person with vomiting and bleeding through the mouth. There is significant loss in hair and weight along with an itchy feeling on the skin. People tend to feel weak and dizzy with a nauseating feeling. This also affects the brain and hence people tend to forget things very easily. As we all know, the liver also helps in the clotting of blood but when the liver faces such threats it fails to function to the fullest. Thus a small bruise lead to excessive bleeding and loss of blood makes the body weaker. Bleeding also occurs through the nose and gums. In such a condition if the alcohol consumption is not stopped the liver finds it very difficult to cure itself and thus liver cirrhosis occurs which is recognized as the final stage. Thus, liver treatment should be done properly so that these problems are not faced in future.

Symptoms of fatty liver disease

A fatty liver Symptoms of fatty liver diseasecondition provides very less symptoms and thus one needs to be very careful about this issue. A fatty liver leads to excessive gain in weight due to the excessive fat stored in the body. A blood test reveals the levels of fats in the blood, which is also responsible for a fatty liver. Diabetes is a very common factor which is seen in people suffering from a fatty liver. Regular intake of insulin also has effects on the body. It is also known to be a disease which is genetic in nature.

Ayurvedic treatment for liver

Since ancient times Ayurveda has made a name for itselfAyurvedic treatment for liver in the medical field. It is recognized as the safest and the purest form of medicine because it is easily available in nature. The herbs bring about the richness in its quality and its healing power is thus enhanced. A perfect blend of these herbs proves to be of the best medicinal value available in the market. It maintains the proper metabolism of the body and gets rid of all the toxins from the blood keeping the blood pressure levels normal. It thus keeps the body clean and helps cope with several problems which one suffers from. It provides strength to our immune system and thus helps us fight all the exterior harmful germs and bacteria. The most popular herbs which serve as the best choice for liver issues are –Bhuiamala, Bhringaraj, Kalmegh, Punarnava, Chirayata, Baheda, Katuki and Guduchi. These herbs are the best way conduct treatment for liver damage. Instead of going for artificial medicines made in the laboratory it is better to go for such Ayurvedic medicines because it has zero side effect on the body unlike the artificial ones which contain a lot of chemicals.

Liver cancer – Natural treatment

Due to high levels of alcohol consumption over long periods of time, the liver tends to sufferLiver cancer  - Natural treatment. If the importance of the liver is realized in the early stage then it is the best thing that can happen to you. But if you have not controlled your habits and have already reached the last stage, it is time for you to realize and if you don’t death will be inevitable. Liver cirrhosis leads to scarring on the walls of the liver, which further gives rise to infections. These infections when in the form of Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C has occurred in the liver establishes a high chance of that person suffering from liver cancer in the future. It is never too late and this is the time when one should realize. Treatment of liver cancer take take place naturally in the form of two things which are – Ayurvedic treatment and a controlled diet. Food items such as grapefruit, avocado turmeric, ginger, garlic, green tea, vegetables and walnuts should be eaten to maintain a healthy liver. One should go for Ayurvedic treatment after consulting with a doctor without doing anything silly on their own.

Chronic liver disease treatment

Chronic liver diseases occur when the liver reached the last stage.Chronic liver disease treatment The symptoms of chronic diseases are bleeding through the nose and mouth and jaundice. Eating habits change because people suffer from a loss in appetite. There is a significant loss in weight along with itchy and rough skin. People seem to suffer from weakness and often gets tired after a bit of work. The joints in the leg and the abdomen starts swelling as fluids get stored in these regions. Blood clotting is not properly done and thus small bruises tend to lead to a lot of bleeding. It also results in the failure of the kidney and liver cancer. Stones occur in the liver as a result of hindrance in the normal bile flow. It affects the memory as the amount of toxins in the brain tend to disturb the nerves. As treatment nitrates should be introduced in the body which will help block the beta cells. The major thing one should do is to quit drinking immediately as continuous drinking will not help in the liver getting cured. Doctors should be consulted for treatment of liver damage and the prescribed antibiotics should be taken regularly as advised. Dialysis may also be needed to be done to purify the blood in the kidney until the total system is cleansed. A diet should be set up which would contain low amounts of protein. It is a good thing that liver cells generate at a very fast rate and hence if these treatments are done along with the complete quitting of drinking, then there lies a very high chance of the liver getting cured back to its normal condition.

Liver cysts treatment

There are some people who suffer from cysts in the liver, which are normal sacs full of fluidsLiver cysts treatment . These are not easily recognized unless and image processing like a CT scan or MRI scan is done in the abdominal region. In most cases, surgery is the valid option for the removal of such a cyst. When such a cyst grows big it tends to push out towards the organs which surround the liver and hence result in a lot of pain. The other symptoms of such a cyst are blood in stool, itching of skin and high fever. There are two types of treatment in such cases. The cysts are removed totally with the help of surgery through thin tubes inserted into the abdomen. Another way is through therapy in which a minute surgery is followed by chemotherapy to slowly get rid of the ill effects. In addition to these often drugs are prescribed to help with the healing process. Thus, such liver diseases treatments should be done with utmost care because it involves delicate organs.

Liver stone treatment

In certain cases the flow of bile is interfered which in turns harden the bile to form stonesLiver stone treatment in the liver which are popularly known as gallstones. Another reason for its occurrence may be due to the extra cholesterol, which still remains in the body after excretion. It results in high fever along with vomiting and stools having the color of clay. These gallstones are identified with the help of different test after which immediate treatment is needed. Surgery is one of the common ways of removing a gallstone. This involves inserting a small lighted device, though one of the holes made in your abdomen and hence removing the stones. Such liver disease treatments are also done with the help of medicines. The medicines are mainly used in case of gallstones, which result due to the excessive cholesterol. Even though it is less painful to use medication to remove the stones, it takes a whole lot of time to get rid of the gallstones.
The human body is a very delicate machine which fails to perform if a certain part of the whole system falters. It is said that if our liver fails, we will be able to live for a maximum of one or two days. Thus, proper attention should be paid to the treatment of liver disease.

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