What is alcoholic liver disease, How alcohol affects liver and causes fatty liver disease? How to reverse fatty liver naturally?

What is alcoholic liver disease, How alcohol affects liver and causes fatty liver disease? How to reverse fatty liver naturally?


Alcohol can affects liver and causes alcoholic liver disease,fatty liver disease.Here we discuss about how to reverse fatty liver naturally.



Do you have any question about your liver as we have listed bellow?

1. What is alcoholic liver disease?

2. What is non-alcoholic liver disease?

3. What is alcohol liver disease or Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis?

4. How alcohol affect your liver?

5. Foods that Cleanse the Liver

6. How to reverse fatty liver disease?

7. What is fatty liver and how you can reverse it?

8. How to reverse a fatty liver naturally ?

Alcoholic liver disease is a term that includes the liver visible signs of alcohol overconsumption, including fatty liver, alcoholic liver disease, and long-lasting liver disease with liver fibrosis or liver disease.
Alcoholic liver disease damage liver cells (tiny chemical assembly instructions inside of living things) that are passed down from your parents may also play a role in Alcoholic liver disease. They can affect the chances that you become a person who can’t stop drinking too much alcohol. And they can also affect the way your body breaks down the alcohol you drink.

Liver Function, Location & Anatomy

The liver is the second largest organ in the human physical structureliver. It weighs approximately 3-4 pounds. In a human body, the liver has utmost importance. It holds various functions like digestion of food, blood clotting, and protein yield. The liver has a right lobe and a left lobe. The gall bladder is present in the liver along with pancreas and intestines. The digestion, absorption and food processing take place in the presence of these organs and the liver. Blood flows from the digestive track into the liver which is then filtered and then it is passed on to the rest of the body. It also removes toxic wastes and harmful chemicals from the body. It also looks after our metabolism, immunity and stores essential nutrients within the body. If the liver fails to function, our body tissues will die because there won’t be any supply of energy or useful nutrients to the tissues. The dead tissues are regenerated in the liver very quickly. If a liver stops working we will live for a maximum of one or two days. The liver maintains levels of cholesterol in our blood. Bile is an enzyme which is secreted by the liver and it helps in digestion of the food we take in and absorb the essential nutrients. Hence, more than being an organ the liver is widely recognized as a gland. Human beings develop some bad habits during their lifetime, which ultimately affect the body. Liver diseases have known to be quite common in recent times, mainly due to the excessive drinking habits of people. People should look forward to taking care of this vital body organ or else at a certain stage death becomes inevitable.

What is alcoholic liver disease?

The term alcoholic liver disease determines the unhealthy condition of theAlcoholic-liver-cirrhosis-1 liver due to excessive consumption of alcohol over a period of time. Alcohol-related liver diseases occur mainly after several years of heavy drinking. This excessive drinking may be on a daily basis or even on weekends. Alcohol affects the liver by causing inflammation and finally contributes to cirrhosis, which is the final stage of the alcoholic liver disease. The chances of suffering from an alcohol-related liver disease go on increasing the more you consume alcohol. In the western countries around 10% of the total population are heavy drinkers. It is evident that all heavy drinkers do not suffer from liver diseases. Among all heavy drinkers around 20% are victims of such a disease. Sometimes it is said to be a genetic issue. Generally, women have greater chances of having such a disease than men. In the detoxification process, around 80% of the alcohol is removed by the liver. Those with heavy drinking habits are thus the ones to be victims of such a disease. Slowly, with time the liver tends to swell up and finally it leads to fibrosis of cells present in the liver.

The symptoms or signs of alcoholic liver disease

The symptoms or signs of alcoholic liver disease which are evident at a very early stage are to be careful about. signs or symptoms of alcoholic liver diseaseAmong ones suffering pain in the abdominal region is a very common problem. People do not find taste in any kind of food which signifies a loss of appetite. People start to get stressed after a little bit of work, giving rise to fatigue. People tend to feel sick all the time while suffering from liver diseases. Diarrhea is another common disease which attacks victims suffering from a bad liver. These symptoms can be a mere coincidence, but when advanced symptoms start to show it implies that, there are a serious issue. At a late stage discoloration of skin takes place leading to jaundice. Fluids get stored in the legs and ankles, causing swelling of joints. Swelling also takes place in the abdomen region accompanied by high fever. Hair fall gradually increases and the skin becomes rough and itchy. Among people suffering from the serious liver disease, the most common factor is that they experience a significant loss in body weight. People tend to feel weak all the time and sometimes they faint too. Sleeplessness and problems with memory also creep in. There are certain changes in your normal behavior and an alteration in personality takes place. Signs and symptoms of the alcoholic liver disease usually develop when a person is above the age of 30. Your body will be in the early stages of the liver disease. As the disease goes forward, signs of sickness will become more attention/more timeable. Vomiting is common with blood and black tar substances coming out. As the liver looks after clotting of blood, people tend to bleed more than normal in case of minor injuries. The liver becomes extremely sensitive to drugs and intoxicants and thus it is not able to process such items. When these are the problems you are facing on a daily basis, it is evident that your liver is in a very bad state. In case of such a situation, immediate medical help must be taken.

Treatment of alcohol liver disease

The best way to get treatment of alcohol liver disease is to stop drinking totally. As discussedtreatment of alcoholic liver disease, the liver has the capability to generate cells at a very fast rate. Even after close to 75% of the liver is damaged, it still functions and repairs itself. So if one stops drinking completely the lives gradually gives start to function in a proper way. People who have not reached their final stage yet can still hope for good health only by getting rid of their drinking habit. In the case of alcohol-related liver disease, doctors would ask you to go to a rehabilitation center or counseling must be done to get rid of the addiction of alcohol. If a person can’t quit the habit of drinking, they should go for alcoholics anonymous programs. Doctors recommend vitamins because in such cases vitamin levels are low in one’s body. The purpose of this review is to examine the (identification of a disease or problem, or its cause) and current (ways of doing things/ways that things happen) of treatment for alcohol liver disease. If the disease has reached its last stage, then a liver transplant is in order. Vitamin A deficiency is common in such patients and hence vitamin supplements are advised to be used. But one might think that taking Vitamin A supplements and at the same time consuming alcohol will neutralize the threats. They should be informed that alcohol and Vitamin A proves to be a deadly combination. These supplements do not cure liver diseases, they just prevent us from malnutrition and hence too much vitamin intake is bad for the liver. If such measures are not taken then it becomes very hard to save one’s life. Liver diseases contract your lifespan. Drinking should be stopped and a balanced diet should be maintained. It is never too late to change your lifestyles for the betterment of your own health.

Non alcoholic liver disease

Liver diseases which do not occur as a result of alcohol, but other factors are referred to asNon-alcoholic liver disease non-alcoholic liver diseases. This mainly occurs due to fats, getting stored in the liver. This may not depend on whether a person drinks alcohol or not. This is such a disease which is quite common among people and has no such symptoms available. In such conditions, accumulation of fats in the liver leads to swelling up and scarring of the liver. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease-connected liver disease is when liver accelerate the scarring of the liver tissue, making the liver heavier than any other solid organ in the body. This scarring can become so extreme that the liver no longer functions, leading to liver failure. This is also known as non-alcohol steatohepatitis. Talking about symptoms, people suffer from fatigue and jaundice. Other than that there are no such significant symptoms which triggers caution in the minds of the patients. Excessive consumption of soft drinks leads to fat getting stored and causing such a disease. This has relations with the resistance of insulin. High blood pressure and gaining excessive weight are some of the signs of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.Now, (not doing something) remains the (very important thing/big stone laid at the corner of a building) for successful treatment of alcohol liver disease.

Risk factors related to alcohol and the liver

If a man consumes around 80-100 ml of alcohol every day for about 20 years, the chances of liver disease are high. For women these stats are like 30 ml per day for 20 years. If these stats match with your daily consumption rate then chances of hepatitis has increased to % for you. Drinking outside the time of meals increases your vulnerability to liver disease by about 3 times. Possibilities of liver diseases in women are higher in women than in men. With the same drinking habits, it takes less time in case of women. This is mainly due to higher amounts of fat in women and disturbance in fat absorption due to the menstrual cycle. People having infections related to Hepatitis C are more vulnerable to liver diseases because it instigates the damage process. It is proved that alcohol addiction as well as alcohol-related liver disease is a very genetic thing. Malnutrition is another important reason for bad liver health. People who have low levels of Vitamin A and Vitamin E are more prone to the damage of the liver because in such a case hepatocytes are not generated. Thus, it is evident that all individuals with liver problems have a very unbalanced diet and an uneven daily routine. Toxins start to build up in the blood has hence disturbed brain function. People with such liver issues also suffer from high blood pressure.

How alcohol affects liver & causes fatty liver disease?

A normal amount of fat is always present in your liver, which is about 5-10% the weight of your liver itself. When the liver content seems to be higher than 10% then you are having a fatty liver disease. Fatty liver is not a permanent condition.alcohol affects liver It can be recovered with changes in daily habits. This type of disease has no such symptoms and it does not cause any permanent damage to the body. The function of the liver is to process the food we take in daily. If fat content in the livers exceeds its normal limit, then this digestion process is hampered. Excessive drinking also leads to accumulation of fat in the liver. The glucose we take in is converted to fat in the liver and stored for use in future. Too much alcohol consumptions interfere with this normal process. The liver swells up and this is the reason for discomfort in the abdominal region. Loss in appetite along with a decrease in body weight is very common. In case of such conditions one must do a blood test which will generate results as to the conditions of your liver. In this process one will come to know of their liver condition and hence the steps towards good health can be taken accordingly to avoid fatty liver disease.

The possibility of reversing fatty liver naturally

The excessive storage of fats in the liver leads to fatty liver diseases. Reversing fatty liver naturallyAs mentioned earlier, this fatty liver thing is not something permanent. It is possible to reverse fatty liver and return back to normal conditions. Fatty liver mainly occurs due consumption of oily foods which contain a lot of fats and also due to excessive alcohol consumption. Fatty food items and soft drinks contain fats which tend to get stored in the liver. On top of that when you take in quite an amount of alcohol the normal liver functions stop working. Therefore more and more fats get stored in the liver than being released in other parts of the body. This mainly occurs due to eating and drinking habits. There is every possibility of reversing your fatty acid condition. For that you have to make alterations in your eating habits and put an end to your bad drinking habits. It is never too late in life to advance to the right track, and if you do agree, stop thinking and start acting.

How to reverse fatty liver naturally?

Reversing fatty liver disease naturally can be done by following proper fatty liver diet. In case of a fatty liver the tissues of the liver gets replaced by fatty tissues. reverse fatty liver disease through exercises Then the fat starts to take over the healthy regions of the liver. The fatty liver is generally swollen in nature and a bit yellowish in color. Uneven diet is the major reason behind fatty liver. Foods with a lot of carbohydrate content must be strictly avoided. The consumption of alcohol must be reduced significantly in order to recover from a fatty liver. Food items which contain proteins and fats should be consumed. It is to be kept in mind that taking in too much protein and fats is not good for the liver in such a condition. So we should choose those food items which have the correct amount of these elements. Eating all types of vegetables in the raw state or drinking juices of vegetables are known to work wonders. Along with this a good liver tonic would be a very good idea of liver issues. It is also about maintaining your diet and remaining within your boundaries.

How to reverse fatty liver disease through exercises?

Working out daily and burning a lot of calories in the process are a very good answer to reverse a fatty liver naturally. Walking is a basic activity which one does on a daily basis. Aerobic exercise for fatty liver disease like walking fast are bound to give you good results. Reversing fatty liver naturallySuch exercise improves the heart condition and burns calories and gets rid of fat from your body. It also boosts your stamina and enhances immunity. Anaerobic exercises include those which involve hard exercises which burn your fats much more effectively. Training which involves strength test must be done on a daily basis. It will provide good stamina and health. It improves blood circulation and provides a lot of health benefits. There are around 30 core muscles present in your body which help in the body movement of an individual. Such core exercise provides stability to your body and brings about proper balance. All these exercises help in removing fats from your body and thus your fatty liver problem is solved. There are many effective natural Ways to Treat Liver Disease.

Fatty liver you can reverse it with diet + no alcohol + exercise

Fatty liver disease diet has more than any artificial treatment, the best way to get off excessive fats from your liver is through natural means. It is not very easy to go out of your regular habits and maintain a very controlled and balanced style of living. This takes a lot of discipline and willpower. There are lots of people who started out with a lot of enthusiasm to lead such a lifestyle, but they ultimately gave up due to the lack of results. It is to be sure that either they have been provided with some faulty information or they are not doing it right. It is always advisable to consult a doctor before establishing daily routines of fatty liver disease diet plan. A balanced and maintained diet, regular sets of exercises and intake of some natural herbs or medicines as prescribed by the doctor is the best way to keep not only your liver fit but your whole system healthy.

5 Ways to Reverse a Fatty Liver Disease

Diet and Lifestyle.


Limit simple sugars and carbohydrates.

Eat more vegetables.

Eat more protein.

A healthy body is always responsible for a peaceful mind. No one likes to face problems with their body every day. Liver being one of the most important parts of our body should be taken special care of. Above we have discussed several aspects of the causes and ways to deal with a liver in bad condition. If one really craves for good health and has a very strong will power, he or she is bound to achieve good results.

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