Steps to control diabetes, steps to control diabetes naturally, steps to manage diabetes without medicine, diabetes diet , diabetes care


Steps to control diabetes, steps to control diabetes naturally, steps to manage diabetes without medicine, diabetes diet , diabetes care

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Here some of the steps to manage and control diabetes without medicine and steps to control diabetes with diet and exercise to live a happy life.


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Must know about diabetic debacle

“I don’t eat sugar for being already sweet. I have dreaded diabetes. “ Have you heard this before I am sure you must have lots of people face this problem and things are not very good for them. They are in constant urge to control their condition and for that, they are on severe medication and diabetes diet plan.

Hormonal Debacle

Without proper diabetes diet plan and bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, especially in front of a computer has multiplied the number of diabetics exponentially.hormonal debacle The world has been weakened by this disease as it simply makes it presence felt in absolute silence. As per reports, there is 65% rise I diabetic patients in the UK. This is an alarming figure as per recent reports and there is only one way that it is still going to go up considerably and hence this is a very serious issue and needs to be tackled in a proper way and in quick time. Otherwise, the growth will explode.

Causes of Diabetes

The cause of diabetes is known to most as the destruction of insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas resulting spiking the glucose content in urine and blood.causes of diabetes This is something that can cause lots of problems in people the wound during this period which a patient gets is healed very slowly as you immunity comes down a great deal and this is a very serious issue and a major problem for all age groups.

Typical Symptoms for diabetes

The typical symptoms are increased hunger and thirst, weight loss, frequent urination. Don’t blame the sweet tooth. Diabetes can be caused due to extreme stress, bad eating habits, lack of exercise. Some medicines too have been found to induce diabetes. The genetics are another reason.extreme stress If your elders had diabetes diet, chances are, you may be susceptible to the dreaded disease. This happens in most of the patients and some old people also need to take help of the adult diapers which helps them to avoid going to the washroom again and again, due to the restriction of movements.

An autoimmune response that is virus triggered in which the virus-infected cells & the beta cells are attacked by the immune system. You need to ensure that you take the prescribed medication every day. Now the difficult part is over; you can just make some simple changes and control them menace adequately.

Steps to Manage Diabetes Diet

right nutrients

  • Ensure you have the right nutrients.
  • Your plate is full of green vegetables, iron, vitamins and proteins.
  • Ensure you take a walk of at least 1 hour around your home, in the park.
  • Diabetes doesn’t sound like a dreaded disease, but it is a silent worker. If a proper diet or exercise is not followed, then the disease slowly starts deactivating the body parts. Literally.
  • Loss of eyesight is the first such sign.

Diabetes the modern day silent killer!!

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